Welcome to Durham Farm Fresh

Durham Farm Fresh Marketing Association is a not-for-profit membership organization representing farms, farmers’ markets, retailers, chefs and restaurants located within Durham Region. Established in 1993, our goal is to help local producers, and others committed to local food, market their local products to our local community.

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Why Buy Local

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    For your Health: Local food is fresher, tastier, and has more nutrients than food that has travelled for days over long distances. And it can be found on a farm near you!

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    For the Farmer: Buying local today supports our farmers and ensures there will be farms in your community tomorrow. Get to know your farmer! They take pride in the work they do.

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    For your Community: Buying from local farms makes a positive impact on your community. The more food that is grown, processed and packed right here, means more jobs for your family, friends and neighbours.

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    For the Environment: Local food often has less packaging helping to reduce our ecological footprint. Farmers are good stewards of the land, taking care to preserve it for future generations.

All of our tasty, Locally Grown, fruits, vegetables, eggs and meats can be enjoyed from one of the farms or at local farmers’ markets in Durham.