Tallboots Farm


755 Newtonville Road
Newtonville, ON L1B 0G5

Phone: 905-786-2686

Website: http://www.tallbootsfarm.ca


Red and black currants; blackberries; tayberries; red, black, yellow and purple raspberries, homemade preserves, artisan chocolate delights!

About Us

Gary Zuters and Robin Boudreault are the owners of Tallboots Farm. Nestled on 25 acres just south of Newtonville, on their farm you will find rows upon rows of berries. Red and black currants, blackberries, tayberries and every colour of raspberries you can think of – 2 varieties of red, as well as black, yellow and purple! The variety in berries means that you can find one type or another in season almost all summer long. And when berries aren’t in season, you can still get a taste of summer from jams and jellies, salsas, relishes and more.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, Tallboots has a number of milk and dark chocolate artisan delights.

Finally, expected to be ready in time for the 2017 Christmas season, 10 acres of Christmas trees are also grown on the farm.

A fun fact, Tallboots Farm got its name because Gary used to work with the Canadian Pacific Railway and always wore tall boots! He and Robin have quite the collection!

If you’re not able to visit them at the farm, you can order online, or stop by  Algoma Orchards, Dare2Dream FarmLink Greenhouses, or visit Gary and Robin at the Clarington Farmers’ Market!