Lunar Rhythm Gardens


253 Gray Road
Janetville, ON L0B 1K0

Phone: 905-986-9612




Certified organic vegetables, beef, pork, on-farm petting zoo (pre-booked), flowers

About Us

Lunar Rhythm Gardens is owned and operated by Jessica Foote. Jessica knew as a child she wanted to farm, having grown up on her family farm. In addition to helping with the pigs and cattle, she raised chickens until she went to college. At the age of sixteen, Jessica was introduced to logging with horses by a gentleman who logged their bush. She logged for 4 years, and loved it, but knew that it didn’t jive with farming. She wanted to farm with horses!

She took a number of courses to further her knowledge, and while attending a ploughing workshop visited a CSA vegetable farm. The rest is history! Jessica partnered with Mike who also wanted to farm and together they started the farm on 10 acres of land. 2009 marked their first year as a CSA. The following year Mike chose to farm closer to his family. The success of the farm has been incredible, and Jessica is passionate about Lunar Rhythm Gardens and how much it has grown since its early days!