Graham Creek Farm


3582 Morgans Road
Newcastle, ON L1B 1L9

Phone: 905-987-1447 or 416-524-4242




Grass-fed beef, lamb, and goat meat. Agri-tourism, farm tours, special events.

Halal available on request.

Open year-round, please call ahead.

About Us

Graham Creek Farm is a beautiful 40 acre farm in Clarington owned and operated for nearly 3 decades by Deborah and Oswin Mathias. Tucked behind some cedars, once you enter the driveway you are met by immaculate gardens and perhaps a duck waddling by on its way to the pond. With a rich historical and agricultural background, Deborah and Oswin pride themselves on excellent land stewardship and animal care.

They pasture raise all natural beef and lamb which are free to roam throughout their natural environment, with access to fresh air, sunlight, clean fresh water and natural sources of nutrition.

The meat can be custom cut to your specifications.

Deborah and Oswin dream of one-day expanding the agri-tourism side of their farm and becoming a Clarington destination for families to retreat to for a day of fun on the farm.